QUESTION 1 : Where are you located? Can you tell us something about your brand?

ANSWER : We are based in INDORE (M.P), INDIA. For more information regarding our brand, you can visit " ABOUT US ".

QUESTION 2 : Why are you relating artwork to happiness?

ANSWER : There is a huge relation between Art and Happiness. When you start exploring Art, it takes you to some next level of sanity. It spreads positive vibes around the place. Nowadays, most of the people are surrounded by negative or depressed thoughts. There is a need to add something to there life which can bring them out of those negative or depressed vibes and that thing is ART. Only looking into Art can take you out of depression. Art is like meditation, the more you dig into it, the deeper you enter into the universe of peace.

As we have quoted in our introduction also, " Give yourself to Art and it will never leave you alone ." There is a very deep meaning behind this quote. The thought of never feeling alone, feeling of fulfillment in our life itself brings a sense of bliss. You just need to discover that bliss through Art. Put it in your home or office to enhance the environment.

IndiArtBazaar provides unique and amazing themes for you. Choose the artwork which matches your vibes. Bring Art to your place, gift it to your loved ones and spread happiness. 

QUESTION 3 : Can you tell us about the quality of artworks you are providing?

ANSWER : We collect artworks from the most talented artists in India. We make sure that the art work we display should be of high quality. We do not attach any artwork to our website unless we are satisfied with its quality. We do not compromise with the quality of artwork at any cost. Hence, we assure you, the artworks we are offering are of high quality.

So feel free to order the artwork you like. If still, you are not satisfied with quality of art delivered to you, you can return it to us and we give you 100% refund.

QUESTION 4 : Is there any difference between the displayed images and the original art?

ANSWER : We display a high quality image of our art. Yes, there will be a slight difference of colors between the image and the original art which mainly occurs due to different lighting. But we guarantee you, the difference in the colors is almost negligible. You will not regret your purchase.

QUESTION 5 : What payment methods do you accept?

ANSWER : IndiArtBazaar provides the most extensive set of payment methods, with Domestic and International credit and debit cards, EMI, Net banking from 50+ banks, UPI and 8 mobile wallets. We do not accept COD. For more information you can visit to the " PAYMENT OPTIONS ".

QUESTION 6 : What are your delivery charges?

ANSWER : In India, we offer free delivery for all artworks. For rest of the world, we charge a flat shipping rate of $20 per unframed paintings.

QUESTION 7 : When will I receive my order?

ANSWER : In India, your order will be delivered in 5-7 working days. For rest of the world, your order will be delivered in 10-12 working days. We always strive to deliver earlier than what is mentioned. 

QUESTION 8 : How can I track my order?

ANSWER : After the confirmation of your order, a link will be sent with your order track number or ID  to your mentioned contact number and email address. You can track your order by clicking on the link.

QUESTION 9 : What do I do if I never receive my order or I receive a defective order?

ANSWER : This is a rare case to happen. Please contact us in such case, we get through the problem.

QUESTION 10 : How do I make changes to an order I've already placed?

ANSWER : Please contact us in such case, click CONTACT US.

QUESTION 11 : Is our contact and payment information safe and secured?

ANSWER : Yes ofcourse, your contact and payment related information is completely safe and secured with us. Read our PRIVACY POLICY.

QUESTION 12 : Do you ship internationally?

ANSWER : Yes, we do ship our artwork across the globe with flat shipping rate $20. We do not ship framed paintings internationally. For more information visit "SHIPPING AND PACKAGING ".

QUESTION 13 : Can I sell paintings on your website? 

ANSWER : Yes, you sure can sell your artwork worldwide on our website. You just have to register yourself. For more information regarding the terms and conditions for the same visit " FOR ARTISTS".

QUESTION 14 : Can you tell us something about your theme based customization?

ANSWER : With the feature of theme based customization, we allow you to order artworks for particular theme, for example, Nature, Landscape and Seascape, Animals and Birds, Buddha, Figurative, Religious, Cityscape, Folk (traditional), Sunrise/Sunset, Tribal, Modern art etc, in different sizes and shapes. You can customize the size of the artwork. You can order in bulk. To order, Please CONTACT US. We will provide you a quotation for the same. Your order will be delivered to you asap.

QUESTION 15 : Will you GIFT WRAP the painting and put a message card on it?

ANSWER : Sure why not. We offer free gift wrapping service on both framed and unframed artwork. Select the option for gift wrapping during checkout and put the message in the comment box.

QUESTION 16 : Why do you not have a large collection of artworks ?

ANSWER : Don't Worry, more collections of artworks are COMING SOON. We are connecting to reowned artists from India to provide you the high quality experience of Art.

NOTE : You can also order the artwork separately, if you want. We provide theme based customization also (for more information regarding the same, please read question.14).

QUESTION 17 : How do I contact you if my questions are not answered here?

ANSWER : We have tried to answer most of the questions to you. Still, if you have more queries, feel free to CONTACT US. You can also talk to us live, click the "CHAT WITH US" link on the bottom right of this page.