Our special greetings to all the ARTISTS, you are most welcome to INDIA'S NEWEST MARKETPLACE FOR ARTWORKS. If you wish to sell your artwork globally, here is a perfect destination for you. You can sell your artworks in India and Worldwide with IndiArtBazaar.
There are lots of artists in India who are extremely talented, but they are not getting a platform to sell their art all over the world. With IndiArtBazaar, we are giving you an opportunity to display your artwork and get recognition worldwide. We strongly believe that every home has a hidden artist and we want those artists to come forward and showcase their talent to the world. You are one step away from the popularity you deserve. So, come forward and join us for your successful career. 
We request you to go through all the Terms and Conditions for selling thoroughly to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

How to sell on IndiArtBazaar?

Send your name, email address, phone number and a message to tell us more about yourself, please fill the form below. We revert to you after going through your information. We will ask you to send atleast 5 images of your artwork for approval. We will check the images of your art as per our quality requirements. If approved, we will send you a confirmation mail.
Note : There is a link at the end of this page to fill your contact details. 
Requirements to join IndiArtBazaar :
1. You must have minimum of 5 artworks to go live and minimum of 20 artworks to see good results.
2. Artwork should be of higher quality.
3. Your artwork must be original and handmade.
4. A good quality picture of your artwork from different angles.
Once your artwork is approved, We will inform you via email. We will register your name (at nill cost) and other basic information like contact info, bank account info for payments etc). This information is safe with us. After registration, you have to send the pictures of your 5 best artworks to display (you can send more for better results). We will then exhibit them on our website.
When we receive any order for your artwork we will contact you. You have to deliver it to our premises then. Once the artwork reaches our premises, we will do a quality check and forward it to the customer. If any of your paintings is sold, we will call/email you and inform you for the next process. Within 30 days of receiving painting at our premises, we will make payment directly to your account mentioned in basic information provided by you.

The price of your artwork would be decided by you. There are no restriction in prices as such. However, if we feel the price does not match with your artwork, we may edit prices accordingly. We add 40% commission (after deduction of tds, if applicable) on top of your expected in-hand price plus GST as applicable. You just have to send your in-hand price including your shipping charges (To Indore, we will provide you our shipping address) along with your art image. In case, you are facing any trouble in pricing your art you can take our advice too. Chat with us live or Whatsapp us on the given contact number.


Payments will be done within 30-60 days from date of receiving the artwork at our headquater. We will made payments to the bank account as you mentioned in basic details.. Please be assured about your payments.


We prefer if you keep the painting in unframed format or in a format where it can be easily removed from the frame and shipped to us on order. We recommend you to ship paintings as rolled canvas. We understand many artists need to frame their paintings for their local exhibitions. In such case, we suggest to do stretcher framing, so that painting can be easily unpinned and removed when someone orders the painting.

NOTE : Once we receive an order for your artwork, we will inform it to you. You have to make sure that you choose a shipping carrier which can deliver it to us within 2 days, so that we can deliver it to the customer on time. Also, if your artwork does not match with the image, we have the power to reject it because we do not want to compromise with the quality of artwork. The cost of shipping the artwork back to you will be charged.


We have a 15 days return policy for our customers. If the customer wish to return the painting, we will first recall it to our premises and check for any damage. If found okay, we will forward it back to you.

Returns usually happens when the image displayed is too different from the actual painting. So just make sure your artwork's image and actual artwork are in sync. We recommend you to shoot your artwork via professional photographer or via good mobile phone for better results.


Add variety of artworks. You can try different themes for the artwork. For example, abstract paintings, animals and birds, landscape and seascape, cityscape, buddha, nature, figurative, religious, folk, sunrise/sunset, tribal, couple/love, modern art, oil paintings, acrylic paintings etc. Attach the painting you think is best for the customer. Try out different styles and subjects in modern tastes to see better results.

We can not assure you how quickly we can sell your artwork or if your artwork will sell, it really depends on customer's choices and preferences. But you can be assured of best efforts from us. We have lots of online channels where we promote your artwork. We will have customers give your art due attention it deserves.


1. You can sell the registered artwork on other channels also. However, there is just one condition- whenever a sale is made on other channels, you would have to immediately inform us to remove the artwork from our store. If the artists fails in doing so and someone orders the sold painting on IndiArtBazaar, it would leave a very bad impression on our customer about our store and they might never come back. We will deactivate artist's account in such case and a penalty amount will be charged. We also urge artists to inform us if they are going on a long vacation so that we can keep their artwork invisible for that time period.

2. If you wish to edit or delete already uploaded artworks, Please Call, Whatsapp or Email us on the provided contact information. We will do the work for you. You just have to mention your requirements in your message.

3. In case, if you are facing any confusion or got stuck at any step of this process to sell on our store, feel free to discuss the problem with us. We will provide the best assistance to help you move forward. You can talk to us on live chat or you can contact us via any source of information provided to you, CLICK HERE.

4. All disputes arising in connection with this agreement are subject to Indore jurisdictions only.